Meeting Place of the Local Yokel

Owner Jackie Nelms welcomes patrons to the Iron Kettle
Many of you are familiar with the Iron Kettle Restaurant located on the Lynchburg square. Those in the know like to refer to it as the meeting place of the local yokel...a name lovingly given to the group of local men who meet there for coffee EVERY morning. During their visit, politics are discussed, lies are told, and gossip is spread. All kidding aside, it is the local dedicated patrons that keep an historic establishment such as the Kettle alive and well.

Lynchburg Minis

The Harley Burger

For those of you who are familiar with the Kettle, you may be interested to know that owner Jackie Nelms is planning some new menu items and a slight face lift to the establishment to kick off a new year. Beginning January 2011, the Iron Kettle will be offering mini burgers and mini pulled pork sandwiches. The Lynchburg Minis are available in a variety of ways, including with their signature BBQ sauce and pepper jack cheese. As for the mini Porkies, Jackie uses her famous pulled pork BBQ and serves it on a mini roll. While these dishes are delicous, we cannot help but enjoy their cuteness. Although not brand new to the menu, the recent addition of the Harley Burger has been a tremendous success, ending 2010 as one of the restaurant's number one sellers. In stark contrast to the new minis, this enormous burger requires a hefty appetite.

As for that face lift I mentioned...
Mulberry Methodist Church
late 19th century
Working in conjunction with the owner of the Iron Kettle, yours truly will be adding some historical flare to the restaurant's decor. One of my primary interests as a photogrpaher are historic sites. As such, I am dipping into my own personal collection of local photos of such places and sharing them with the public. Work on this project has been initiated and a full scale intallation will be going up shortly. In addition to my own photos, there will be some historical photographs of local people and places. Primarily, these works will focus on historic buildings of Lynchburg and the surrounding areas. The plan is to dedicate sections of the interior walls to specific communities within Moore and Lincoln Counties along with brief histories of those areas. At this time, these communities are planned to be Lynchburg, Mulberry, and Lois; however, this is not set in stone, and the installations will change as new photos are taken. As a small addition to the larger photos on the walls are cards that will fit inside the napkin holders on the restaurant's tables. Each of these will showcase a specific property or person and a brief history or story. That is the plan for now, and as always I will keep this page and my blog updated with any new information.

So, in the mean time, if you are a Lynchburg local, I will see you at the Iron Kettle. If you are planning a visit to Lynchburg, no visit is complete without a Kettle meal!