Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Update on the Newton Whitaker House

In late September, I attended the state review board meeting held in Nashville. I was there to hear the outcome of my NRHP nomination for the Whitaker-Motlow House recently submitted. GOOD NEWS!!! The nomination passed the review board with flying colors and is now on its way to the NRHP national office. I will know in approximately three months the final outcome! Long story short, the house will be listed, it is now simply a matter of time, as I may have to address some updates or clarifications. Congrats to the home owner, Maria Maroney!!
Whitaker-Motlow House, Mulberry

A few new things:
  • Dots on the Map will begin exploring the history of Lynchburg, TN in anticipation of the completion of my new book.
  • Watch for updates and links to my new photography website. I have decided to officially open Red Door Studios asap.
  • I will also be discussing graduate school and my thesis decision (and the process of choosing it!)
  • In the near future I will be starting an internship in Huntsville, AL. Look forward to some history on the historic Twickenham Village!!
  • I want to give a special thanks to the Lincoln County Historical Society for inviting me to speak at last month's meeting and for thier enthusiastic support of my ongoing work. I hope to see them all again in November for an update!
I am looking forward to getting back to regularly blogging. Life has been crazy lately and I haven't been able to do as much as I had wanted. But, hopefully that will begin to change and I can update the site more often.